Snip Snop Marketing Services

Snip Snop Marketing is based in Perth, Australia, and has established an enviable list of expertise and services for businesses who want to take their online marketing to the next level.

Snip Snop Marketing offer the following services for business;

  1. Website development
    1. Digital design
    2. User Experience (UX) planning and development
    3. Hosting
    4. Domain registration

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  2. Explainer videos
    1. Filming and production
    2. Online video post production
    3. Online creative
    4. Storyboarding
    5. Scripting & copywriting
    6. Filming and production

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  3. Inbound marketing strategy
    1. Content creation (such as Explainer videos),
    2. SEO (meta tags and keywords),
    3. Social media platforms,
    4. Email,
    5. PPC campaigns (such as Adwords),
    6. Blogs,
    7. Events (such as professional seminars),

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  4. Adwords strategy
    1. Keyword research and segmentation
    2. Campaign architecture
    3. Ad copy and page creation
    4. Bid strategy and budget management
    5. Campaign analysis
    6. Performance optimisation
    7. Testing strategy and campaign refinement

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Snip Snop Marketing is proud to provide a comprehensive list of services and online expertise. We look forward to hearing from you and establishing your goals, and importantly achieving results.

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