Inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing strategy

Snip Snop have a rich history in the creation of inbound strategy. What is an inbound marketing strategy? An inbound marketing strategy utilises online tools that are strategically planned, and enhanced with creative that reaches out to your business target market.

When an inbound strategy is developed, Snip Snop use real business insights, tracking and monitoring to continually refine and hone in on your business markets.

We have listed some common tools that are available for the creation of an inbound marketing strategy. These marketing channels are brought together to create a marketing mix, and content is curated based off business insights and data.

  1. Content creation (such as Explainer videos),
  2. SEO (meta tags and keywords),
  3. Social media platforms,
  4. Email,
  5. PPC campaigns (such as Adwords),
  6. Blogs,
  7. Events (such as professional seminars),
  8. Professional industry opportunities (such as online supplier partnerships)

Establishing these channels is one element of an effective inbound strategy, Snip Snop establishes these channels, and will then ensure all these channels cross over and communicate with each other ensuring repeat engagement and directing new leads into the conversion funnel for new client acquisition.

When Snip Snop have created the marketing mix of channels, we then re-market to qualified prospects, through varied creative, targeting audiences with unique creative execution, depending on their position in the conversion funnel. This is also referred to as a customer journey, or an inbound marketing strategy.

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