Adwords strategy

Adwords strategy

Adwords is sometimes confused with Organic search. Organic search is the process of utilising keywords on your website, and utilising campaign tools such as those highlighted in our inbound marketing strategy. Some examples of these organic search tools;

  1. Explainer videos
  2. Social Media presence and content population
  3. Website keyword optimisation
  4. Blogs
  5. Online publications

Organic search tools all contribute to your business website ranking and importantly, how highly qualified Google thinks your business is when it comes time to ranking you on their index.

Adwords is a Pay Per Click (PPC) tool. In other words, you are paying to appear online in a specific location, depending on the keywords you have bought from Google. Most of us have seen and clicked on the ads that appear at the top of Google when we type in specific keywords. If you have ever wondered how you received an advert targeted directly at your current online searching requirements, it is more than likely you typed a key word that was used in the Adwords campaign to encourage you to click and engage with that businesses services.

There are many variations of Adword campaigns, Snip Snop will identify key words, key phrases and optimises your business advertising ensuring you pay for the most eligible prospects, and your Advertising appears to the most qualified prospects who are searching online.

Contact Snip Snop Marketing to discuss how we can assist with your Adwords campaign strategy. If you are in Perth, Australia, why not take the opportunity to meet with a marketing professional who will work with you to develop the most effect strategy.

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